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We will provide products suitable for each person tackling sports.

I want to do athletes, I want the shape I want

At the Natori Manufacturing Division, we are helping you make sports prostheses. We support the athletes with technology. We are working to realize a society where everyone enjoys sports.

Players active in sports prosthetic foot

It is the athletes that Natori factory is able to support. We will support you to maximize the best results.

Atsushi Yamamoto on track

YamamotoWith the long jump of the IPC Athletics World Championships in 2015, we won the gold medal by flying 6 m 29 cm with the prosthetic limbs our company supported.

In addition, by the long jump of the Japan Para Athletics Championships tournament held in May 2016, 6 m 56 cm of the world new record (then) was established.

Para-cycling Seiji Fujita

Para-cycling, athletes of track race & road race, and Seiji Fujita were elected as representatives of the 2012 London Paralympic Games and winning a bronze medal in a road race with prosthetic foot supported by our company.

Connector for sports prostheses "Sports adapter"

There is a "sports adapter" whose adjustment is effective as one of the performances which the sports prosthetic foot of Natori Manufacturing is not elsewhere.

Things that are not enough for general sports prosthesis can now be adjusted with our sports adapter. The place where it was the burden of the athlete was able to be adjusted by our sports adapter.

Sports adapter Sports adapter
Sports adapter Sports adapter
Sports adapter

Once you get to know the best feeling, we will offer you customized things accordingly. Yamamoto athletes who gave gold medals and world new records have used this adapter. (For Sports Adapter, click here )

Progressive sports prosthesis with remarkable progress

The important thing is to make the players to demonstrate 100% proficiency, there are parts that are mental and delicate as well as physical just fit, and the last is sensual evaluation.

To be honest, I was fumbling at the beginning on how to do it. We had many meetings with Fujita players and prosthetic prosthetics professionals in charge, making ingenuity and repeated weight reduction, finally received the appraisal "I feel good!" The day before the all-Japan camp.

Fujita used our foot in the actual race and got a brilliant bronze medal at the 16 kilometer time trial on the road. Although I was happy with the best, I felt a sense of relief that I could support Fujita's thoughts.

Fast, winning sports prosthesis, prosthesis, prosthesis, brace study

To make high precision sports prostheses, prostheses, artificial legs, orthosis, it is to make something that fits the athlete more than anything else. Natori Manufacturing will provide you with things that fit your body, so that athletes will be able to win as much as possible for the development of prosthetic limbs, prostheses, artificial limbs, prostheses and prosthetic appliances.

I will do my best for the Tokyo contest!

However, from the idea which became the roots involved in the sports prosthesis production originally, in addition to the prosthetic leg prostheses, I think that we would like to help you to enjoy the sports on a daily basis by a wide range of skirts and many prosthetic foot users I will. We are waiting for your inquiries.

Yamamoto Players use

Photo by Takao Ochi

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