Introduction of equipment to process pure titanium, 64 titanium, hard steel wire etc

Equipment for producing high quality, such as cutting machines from many press machines, 3D measuring instruments from machining centers, etc., is in place.

Equipment introduction

We do not only enhance press machine but also Q, C · D, we are doing equipment such as automation of material supply and 3 dimensional measuring machine of product measurement.

Equipment introduction

We make our own tools for ourselves. That's why we can produce the best with the best tools. So, I would like to introduce the best-fit equipment and mold as "equipment" ... ....
Here, we will introduce the equipment that supports them.

Major equipment

In order to make good molds and best-fit facilities, we have put a lot of effort not only on presses but also for equipment for mold manufacturing. We also introduced 3-D CAD / CAM, and we have arranged a system to shape customers' want to do.

Main equipment Major equipment 2 Major equipment 3
Equipment name Model number specification Number
Servo press machine Komatsu 110t 1 set
Servo press machine Komatsu 60t 2 sets
Servo press machine Komatsu 45t 1 set
Servo press machine Komatsu 35t 3 sets
Press machine Amada
15t 16 sets
25t 5th floor
45t 4 sets
60t 7 sets
80t 1 set
Articulated robot FANUC · Mitsubishi Electric Corporation   6 sets
Machining center Okuma MB 56VB x 1050, y 560, z 460 4 axes 1 set
Machining center Okuma MB 56 VA x 1050, y 560, z 460 5 axis 1 set
wire-cut Mitsubishi x500,y350 1 set
Discharge processing Sodick   1 set
Flat grinding machine Okamoto x605,y300 1 set
Forming mills Croda et al   3 sets
Milling machine Makino him   2 sets
Lathe processing machine Takizawa   1 set
High frequency heating device      
TIG welding machine Daihen    
CAD / CAM camstaff    
3D Scanner    

Quality equipment

It is integrated production only if you do from metal mold / equipment production → press molding → quality assurance. Instead of "It should be done", in order to make customers feel secure with "I am able", we have introduced measuring instruments which are not seen in a small amount at companies of this size.

Equipment name Model number specification Number
CNC three yuan measuring machine Tokyo Precision x850, y600
(free surface measurement)
Calypso Horos sct data supported
1 set
Projector Nikon Computation unit installed 2 sets
Hardness Tester   60tw 1 set
Image measuring instrument keyence VM 1 set
High speed camera keyence   1 set

Subcontract factory

Even if you can not realize your "wanting to do this" just by our company, I do not want to put a burden on customers as much as possible. Therefore, we are working with a trustworthy supplier and our company 's responsibility to provide a one - stop service.

Equipment name Model number specification Number
Hydraulic press   200t  
Servo press Amada 200t  
press Aida, Amada 200t , 150t , 110t  
Heat treatment      
surface treatment      

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