Product introduction of pure titanium, 64 titanium, hard steel wire etc

It is product performance of Natori Manufacturing Co., Ltd. which is equipped with titanium processing, press mold technology, quality assurance.

Product performance

Mainly in press processing, we have accumulated achievements such as titanization. In addition, we do accumulation of know-how accumulating know-how intending to in-house production without consigning the production of jig etc. to others.

Product performance of prototype, mass production, quality assurance

The product performance of Natori Manufacturing Division is largely divided into mass production products and prototype / development products.

Mass production and prototyping tend to make it completely different, but Natori Manufacturing believes that "essence is the same". In other words, what is important is to draw up and reflect customer requests. Natori Manufacturing Corporation has polished its attitude in mass production.

Mass production will be long-term relationship with customers. In long association, deception and burning blades do not pass. We will grasp the customer's request in advance, we will face seriously and fix it where we are not. Such a spirit has been polished in the long-term relationship with the customer by the Natori Manufacturing Division.

And we believe that such attitude is important in prototyping and development. We believe that it is necessary to catch customer's request exactly because we must move within the forecast.

Forming product of Busber

Material:Copper C1011、Aluminum A6061

In the switchboard, it refers to the metal rod itself, which is used to connect the power supply and ground with a rod-shaped metal.

When branching a large amount of electricity, using a metal rod instead of an electric wire makes it easier to handle the branch wiring.

Natori Seisakusho specializes in manufacturing shapes that are not straight lines.

From the specification of the original size, we will manufacture curves, twists, bending angles, drilling positions, etc. according to your design. We also accept the specification of materials.

(We will consult with you regarding distortion and cracking during production.)

64 Machining of titanium, machining center, electric discharge processed goods

It is a clamp of a prosthetic part


Half alloy press working, bending process

Amphiti soccer's sports gear and rough strand clutch. Half alloy is an alloy of titanium, aluminum and vanadium.


Machining of welded titanium, welding, bending work

It is a marine related part


Press processing of β (beta) titanium, bending process

It is parts related to automobiles


Press processing of β (beta) titanium, wire cut processed product

It is parts related to the bicycle



Natori Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a car parts, such as hard copper wire, pressed products.


Press processing of stainless steel (SUS), bending process

Prosthesis parts, lower leg prosthesis parts from the hip joint.


For bending and press technology please access this page.

Titanium products

Although centered on prototype development, we are doing prototype development with expectation for mass production.

In addition, we made the sports prosthetic legs as a monozukuri that can maximize customer's request. The creative activities that caught up to the sensory world got underway as a London Paralympic Bronze medal after repeated hearing and trial and error.

Seiki Fujita who won the London Paralympic Bronze medal

Metal fitting between leaf spring and knee joint "Sports adapter "is our product. Yamamoto Atsushi player version of long jump.義足 義足部品のクランプ

Sports adapter

スポーツアダプター スポーツアダプター スポーツアダプター スポーツアダプター スポーツアダプター スポーツアダプター

Other products

Aircraft EGN parts


Three-dimensional cutting


Stump placement


Mad cow disease test kit




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