U-shaped bending process, twisting process etc.

The Natori Factory's foundation for 60 years has made it possible to realize high quality and cost reduction with press technology, even with difficult-to-process materials such as titanium and hard steel wire.

Press technology

The quality of the press product is determined by the press die. Its manufacturing technology has been polished in the integrated production for 60 years, and it is the foundation of the Natori Manufacturing Division.

Bending press technology

U-shaped bending process, U-shaped bending process

Natori Manufacturing produces original U-shaped bending processing technology from the production of automobile parts that we have cultivated over many years, and we are entrusting the production of arm pieces used for wiper arms.
Cost reduction and stable supply coming from the high production volume and its quality can be realized by our unique U-shaped bending processing technology.

We will offer from the rounded U-shaped bending to the K-shaped bending with similar quality.

Torsional bending process

By doing L bending and V bending at the same time, the Natori factory can manufacture the product without losing its precision, hard steel wire and difficult-to-work material properties. The generated force will produce the material more high quality.

Press processing of hard steel material, hard steel wire

The best strength is good at press working on hard steel materials such as hard steel wire. Especially we specialized in bending of exterior parts, we boast domestic first share in car wiper parts.

Pressed products of hard steel materials Pressed products of hard steel materials Pressed products of hard steel materials Pressed products of hard steel materials Pressed products of hard steel materials

The above-mentioned hard steel wire material is pressed by processing such as U-shaped bending, U-shaped bending, L-shaped bending and the like. Because it is a cold press, it is a processing method with few steps without losing the quality of the material.

Press dies · Robot technology

Integrated production

I thought about press forming.
Natori Manufacturing is engaged in press molding. On the other hand, a company must be a necessary entity from society. Therefore, press technology should also be something that society needs.

Then, what kind of press technology is needed from society? Natori Manufacturing Division requested the answer to "pursue the essence of manufacturing". In other words, the press that pursues the essence should be the press of the Natori factory.

And press molding is the mold die. Then I will make the molds themselves. You can pursue the essence of the press by making and trying molds and tools themselves. Also, reflecting the opinion of the user side, etc. and making it with "Make such a mold" will be accumulated in the company as know-how. In this way, the Natori Manufacturing Division reached integrated production.

At the moment, when doing press working, Natori Manufacturing will begin by designing the optimum press line by examining the shape of the product, required performance, and so on. And the mold structure is also designed to fit the maximum on the press line and it is made inside the company. We consider all factors such as workability, safety, quality, efficiency. And by using that mold, one press technology of Natori Manufacturing will be accumulated one more.

Robot technology

The company provides added value to the product with added value, but of course it must be added value that the customer wants.

Of course it seems to pursue the essence, but we need to pursue the added value of Q, C and D at the same time. It should not be temporary, but should be such that it can be provided steadily over the long term.

From that perspective, Natori Manufacturing Co., Ltd. introduced multi-joint robot to part of the man-hours. Of course, we demonstrate the spirit of integrated production, improve control and peripheral equipment, etc., and we are constantly improving quality and operation.

Human resource development

No matter what wonderful equipment you put in it, it is a tool only, it is a one-handedness alone. Depending on the level of people who master it, the result will change.

In metal processing, it is important to make metal behavior and metal habit. Therefore, we encourage acquisition of various technical certifications including "machine assembly finishing" using file.

Handling material

  • Hard steel · Hard steel wire
  • Stainless steel material
  • Pure titanium
  • 64 titanium
  • Titanium alloy
  • β (beta) titanium
  • Carbon tool steel
  • Alloy tool steel
  • Aluminum
  • Bearing steel

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