Natori Manufacturing is good at titanium processing

We also use Olympic athletes Titanium products are very high performance.

Titanium processing

Titanium that is difficult to process is also a good material by Natori Manufacturing. If you would like to make this with titanium, please contact us.

Titanium processing is one of the processing that Natori Manufacturing is good at

Titanium has excellent properties as a material. The property that it is light, strong, and not rust shows a clear difference compared to other metals. But there is a weak point with its outstanding performance turned inside out. It is in the difficulty of processing titanium .

Although processing of that difficult titanium, we are shaping what our customers need by the following processing technology.

  • Press working
  • Machining
  • welding
  • Sheet metal processing

The material that I am good at in titanium is 64 titanium alloy (Ti - 6 AL - 4 V)

Even if it is combined with titanium, there are various titanium alloy materials for the first time, pure titanium. We are good at processing 64 titanium alloys, among others. We have various processed attention facilities such as high-frequency heating equipment suitable for these processing and we are preparing the processing environment.

About the material called titanium

Titanium processing technology is evolving day by day while developing.

The first titanium was named "Menacite" at the beginning as an unknown element in 1790, but in 1795 it was named titanium as an element with special properties by component analysis.

However, it was in 1910 that more than 100 years ago was able to extract pure titanium from that, and in 1946, 30 years later it began to be practically used as metal. The reason is that it is very difficult to handle, so the price is currently higher than other materials at the moment.

Titanium used in various parts of life

Although it is a shallow titanium processing for about 70 years as history, products made from that material demonstrate unprecedented functionality.

Aircraft, rockets, etc are perfect for titanium with strength and lightness, rust resistance. Besides, it is used in everyday life from tableware, tumbler, golf club, glasses and clock to building materials. Many of them tend to be expensive due to difficulties in processing.

Since its inception, Natori Manufacturing has been commercializing materials that are difficult to handle, such as hard steel materials, through press processing, and some products boast the top market share in Japan due to its high quality.

Even with difficult materials such as titanium, we will offer metal processing / press technology to your desired quality at a price you can agree with.

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