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Titanium's weak point in titanium processing is that it is difficult to process.

The weakness of titanium is difficult to process

Handling is serious, but it is resolvable.
Please consult with Natori Manufacturing Division.

Weak point of titanium is resolved if it is Natori Manufacturing Co.

Has been won a bronze medal at the London Olympic Games, has produced the artificial leg of Fujita player titanium is the clamp of the artificial leg
Prosthetic foot

Clamping of prosthesis parts

It is full of luxury and numerous merits, yet it does not show the bottom, but there are also weak points at this stage.
Roughly speaking,
① cutting is difficult.
② Press forming is difficult.
③ Welding is difficult.
④ It is a
place where the price is high .

"Well then, it is useless," but it is not so. Processing is not so difficult, as long as titanium holds the pot even. Why is it difficult to process titanium? That is the flip side of the wonderful characteristics of titanium .

· The tensile strength is strong → Because a large force is applied to the cutting edge, the tool is chipped or easily worn away.
· Thermal conductivity is low → Processing heat accumulates on the tool and the workpiece, so the wear of the tool increases.
· Young's modulus is small (= easy to deflect) → Dimensional accuracy is difficult to occur, chatter is liable to occur.
· It is chemically active → It is easy to burn with tools.

Besides that, abrasion resistance is bad. Also, welding is difficult. There are also weak points such as cutting dust burning. In addition, when titanium cutting powder burns, attention is necessary. You should never sprinkle water. High temperature titanium deprives oxygen from water molecules, generates hydrogen, and there is a danger of hydrogen explosion.

Also, it is not good to extinguish with carbon dioxide. Please use dry sand. Powder digestion agent for metal fire is the best.

I think that it seems to be considerably troublesome, but it is not that it is frighteningly difficult if you hold down the points. In short, it is only necessary to become a feeling of titanium. It is a nuisance, but it nods if you arrange it properly.

Also machining machinery and science are progressing rapidly, yesterday's common sense is insane today. There are also places open to the world that you can not imagine.

Natori Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is making efforts day and night to open its doors.
In addition to performing various experiments and developments to explore further processing methods such as cutting, press molding, bonding, heat treatment and other possibilities of the material themselves, we also have a system to receive advice from top Japanese teachers We will.

The new functions and properties found there are added to your product through the "titanization" path and new applications can be opened.

We will think about both posing questions from customers and aim at the future.
And we will tell you again today.

"Oh, why do not you make it with titanium?"

Titanium processing of Natori Seisakusho, cutting processing

Natori Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has knowledge, personnel and facilities for processing titanium.
Electric discharge machining machine, lathe machining machine, press machine, etc. from 5 axis machining center for precision machining. In addition, we provide our customers with satisfactory quality products, we make the necessary tools and molds themselves and realize high quality processing technology.

Titanium material is good at 64 titanium and beta titanium from pure titanium. Please see some of the products made by processing these materials.

Loft strand clutch Board piece Bicycle related parts

Please see other processed products from here.

Press forming of titanium realizing cost reduction

Natori Manufacturing is good at press processing, press processing on titanium is no exception.

We have been doing press working on hard-to-work materials for 60 years, and the press forming technology for titanium is evolving day by day. In titanium processing, we guarantee quality to titanium products from prototype to mass production. In order to realize cost reduction by press molding process, we will work together with customers.

About Titanium Cutting Process

Machining method of cutting the titanium is done by machining center, general-purpose milling, general-purpose lathe machining in machining.

Titanium is a hard-to-process material as described above. Titanium cutting of Natori Manufacturing Plant supports end mill processing and face milling which are intermittent and good compatibility with the workpiece. Drill processing, turning processing etc are also done.

In order to realize cost reduction, besides press molding processing, molding by sintering,There is a method of shaping the shape to some extent by laser laminating process. By using cooperative factory network, cost reduction of cutting process can be realized by molding method suitable for titanium material · titanium alloy material.

About titanium alloy processing

Face milling is best suited for pure titanium processing, but there are various features of titanium alloy, and it is difficult to decide which processing method is appropriate. This is a difficulty that is considered as a weak point of so-called titanium processing.

Although it is effective at the moment because of the relatively small wear area of ​​the end mill processing to the temperature-sensitive titanium alloy in general, it is said to be a field that needs further improvement from the size and cost of molding. The field of titanium is different from steel and copper, etc. It is still a field that will only develop for about 60 years now and will develop from now. Please contact the Natori Manufacturing Division if processing technology for growing titanium alloy every day.

To you who thought that I would like to make it with titanium

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