About human resource development of Natori Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

We will introduce the human resource development that Natori Manufacturing is working on.

Human resource development

Natori Manufacturing Plant has brought up everyone, has grown up with everyone, and is growing.

Our corporate philosophy

Contribute to society by creating value by pursuing happiness of both minds of all employees and constant technical development. Human resources are responsible for creating value. Therefore, the Natori factory raises employees to human resources, and cherishes human resources.

"Create value and contribute to society"

What is the value that can contribute to society ?

I think that is the value that people will be delighted with. So, where is the new 'value that people willing to please' come from? I think from human resources.  

Also, who is "person" of "value that people will be delighted"? Think about thinking that people in front of you, including customers, including pupils who work together, will be pleased.

It is technology development as it is to think ingenuously and thinking about it. I believe that each and every one of these things will make a contribution to society through the tour.


It is "thinking" to create value. And, as for the direction to think about, everyone has direction, if possible, they want to be monolithic.

To that end, Natori Manufacturing Co., Ltd. provides "Thinking Standards" and "Thinking Materials" to all employees. "Criteria to think" is a management philosophy.

As "materials to think" we are trying to inform you about the current state of management. In addition to the monthly whole study group, we are notified at the meetings of leaders and management groups by level.

"Skill test"

Motivation is important for work. What is necessary for motivation?

I think that it is various, I think that one thing is to feel the growth feeling, and to polish Ude to connect with it. For this reason, Natori Manufacturing Co., Ltd. encourages the acquisition of skill tests, especially mechanical assembly finishes.

Machine assembly finish is a skill test to finish and assemble metal parts using file, but file file is best suited to grasp metal habits.

At the Natori Manufacturing Division, a gold medalist of the Skill Olympics is invited as a lecturer, and an internal lecture is held every year, and more than half of the second grade acquirers are.

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