Press technology such as hard steel wire and atypical wire

Natori Manufacturing manufactures quality car parts.

Press technology

We manufacture pressed hard wire, arm piece (wiper arm part) from irregular shape wire. It is a product combining three-dimensional bending with press, bending and twisting press technology.

Arm piece (wiper part)

Arm piece

Natori Manufacturing Co., Ltd. manufactures armpieces of wipers, which are car parts.

We are pursuing stable quality and QCD, and we will introduce the processing technology used for this arm piece.

Technology is a press process that mixes three-dimensional bending, U-shaped bending, V-shaped bending, L-shaped bending, twisting and twisting. We introduce techniques for manufacturing arm pieces.

  1. Three-dimensional bending (twisting, twisting) processing
  2. Hard steel wire, shaped wire processing
  3. Make your own mold
  4. In-house production of jigs and tools
  5. Equipment customization
  6. Robot arm
  7. Sequence, sensor

① About three-dimensional bending process

3 dimensional bending processing

Three-dimensional bending is a press process that combines bending and twisting.

The product our company creates with this three-dimensional bending process is one that is used as an exterior item (exterior item).

Arm pieces made with this technology are used for cars and wiper for bullet train. It is our proprietary technology that can press mold a beautiful line of 3 dimensional shape.

Although three-dimensional bending processing and U-shaped bending processing are mostly processing with pipe materials, Natori Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has developed a technology and system capable of processing on robot lines with difficult-to-work materials such as hard steel wire You can take it.

Three-dimensional bending material performance
  • Hard steel wire
  • Stainless steel material
  • Pure titanium
  • 64 titanium
  • β (beta) titanium
  • Bearing steel

Torsional bending process

The most important thing for precisely realizing three-dimensional bending is twisting and twisting power that is beautifully twisted at an exquisite angle.

Of course not only the power to compute but also the bending technology required for realization depending on the material and the scene in which the product is used will change, how much force should be added to the original force of the material.

After creating precise products in prototype, we will construct a production line, we will produce twisted and twisted products with press machine and multijoint robot.

U-shaped bending, U-shaped bending, V-shaped bending processing

The U-shaped bending was created by applying L-shaped or V-bending technology, but U-bending processing is difficult to secure its functionality unless you know the material to use well, spring back etc. I will.

At Natori Manufacturing Co., we have established an environment that can be cost-reduced by pressing technology, even if titanium is difficult to process and is difficult to process and materials of hard materials are used.

② hard steel wire, shaped wire processing

Hard steel wire, bit line processing

Processing of hard steel wires and irregular wires is one of processing methods that Natori Manufacturing is good at.

Hard steel wire is steel used in many industries due to its high functionality.

We have a processing method in which this hard and non-stretchable material is processed directly from the coil state and bent into a beautiful three-dimensional shape.

Heterogeneous line machining can produce various features and functionality only in a free form, but what kind of shape is better depends on what you want to realize. The processing method also changes accordingly and it leads to value.

③ About mold (mold)

Mold (mold)

The reason for the high degree of completion of the product of Natori factory is that the accuracy of the mold is high.

Mold is the life of press molding. By making ourselves with this mold and tools, we can pursue the essence of the press.

Also, reflecting the opinion of the user side, etc. and making it with "Make such a mold" will be accumulated in the company as know-how. We customize facilities if necessary.

Since the kind of molds such as pulling out, bending and twisting also differs according to the material to be handled and the product to be completed, we manufacture the suitable mold for each and incorporate it into the line of press.

As many achievements, we are pressing molds from hard steel materials for exterior parts (exterior parts), wipers for automobiles and bullet trains, and arm pieces.

By using these high-precision press dies and multi-joint robots, stable production and mass production of production make cost reduction possible.

④ governance tool production


Efficiency varies greatly with tools. In order to make the efficiency more efficient, we also manufacture tools in house. It must be accurate and easy to use from the usage of its uses.

Is there anything that there is only ideas such as not only those with drawings yet but somehow necessary in such situations but nothing to do?

Our company embodies what is vague with the head, and we will produce tools for professional use. This thinking power is one of the technologies our company cherishes. With the ability to think as technology and know-how cultivated over 60 years, we will shape what is not here.

⑤ Customize equipment

For robot arm and cost reduction and high quality quality and stability of it, customization of the required equipment is done in-house.

We have customized to improve quality and reduce costs according to customer's contents.

The equipment of press processing has the optimal environment as many as the number of products. It is a facility evolving along with technical capabilities, and we are preparing the best production system.

⑥ Manufacture using robot

Robot arm

Robot manufacturing is essential for stable quality and cost reduction.

I am using a robot for the armpiece production line, but I prepare a program for each material and product shape and manufacture it.



⑦ Sequence, sensor


Products that can establish the production of automated lines can achieve stable quality and cost reduction. On the armpiece production line, we have contributed greatly to automation with precisely calculated sequence, sensor.

It is also one of our skills that we are good at making our own production line.

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