Titanium is light. To lighten the metal.

The density of pure titanium is about 60% of iron, about half of copper and nickel.

Titanium is light

The feeling I had was "Are you really metal?"

Made with titanium, it is fun to use

Titanium is light. The density of pure titanium is 4.51 g / cm 3 , about 60% of iron, about half of copper and nickel.
However, it is not very meaningful if it is just light. If there is only light material, there are many other besides.
It is light and strong, it makes no sense if it is made of titanium, it can be small and thin, if it is the same size it will not be stronger.

Therefore, we need to consider not only the density but also the strength simply. Therefore, please also read the article titled "Titanium is Strong" here .

It is natural, but being light is normal, it is merit. The thing that the heavier one is good is about paperweight or barbell. I think that it is not so much.

First, what to wear. It is decided that this should be light. It would be better if you use lightly ones. Used at high places and in the air. There is considerable merit in that these are also light. After that, it seems like something that carries out high speed exercise. In a difficult way of saying, you can reduce the moment of inertia by making it light.

Among them, "Wearing things" may not require much strength. Perhaps there is no inevitability that it is titanium except for metal allergy problems and implantable medical instruments.
"Equipment to use" will have some strength required.

When building a high-rise building with titanium ...?
Earthquake resistance dramatically up!
The outer wall is hard to get dirty!
When demolishing, it does not cost disposal throughput!
There is warmth!
It is hard to snow on!

Speaking of "what you use in high places and in the sky", are airplane parts representative? Needless to say, it is bad unless it is light and strong. There are also roofing materials and building materials of high-rise building, but naturally strength is required.

And, "Parts that move at high speed", for example, jet engines and generator turbine blades, automobile engine connecting rods, etc. will be so, but if weak, it will be destroyed quickly.

I am sorry if merely breaking itself if it gets broken. There is a danger that it affects other parts and brings about serious problems. For example, in the case of a connecting rod, the broken connecting rod is swayed around the crankshaft at high speed, breaking the surrounding things (normally, the engine seems to be useless).

there! It will be the appearance of titanium, a light and strong material.

Professional chefs are waving tools such as pan and kitchen knife all day long. It is said that fatigue will be totally different only by lightening this. (Of course titanium pots also have many other good points such as rapid temperature rise, no rusting) The recipe that cools a heavy Chinese pan is severe for women, but for titanium pots, Challenge with! You can do anything, are not you? What kind of material is gentle to women, is somewhat chic. Tools as well. The burden on workers can be greatly reduced.

If you make a helmet such as a wheelchair and assistance equipment and paving equipment, you can make it easier for people who call a woman or a woman if made of titanium. Airplane and rocket parts have a big advantage in themselves.

Even for building materials, lightness is a great advantage in high places such as roofs. Places where roofing materials are made into titanium by shrines and temples are increasing.

In ancient architecture, he took the trouble to put the earth on the roof to heavy the roof before laying the clapper. It seems that it was devised for not being defeated by the wind, but now the roof is not blown even if we do not do such thing owing to the progress of building technology.
Conversely, a roof that is too heavy put a heavy burden on the entire building.

Titanium is attracting attention.
It seems that we succeeded in considerably weight saving (becoming about 1/5 in terms of unit weight) by processing the texture and texture to those close to the difference and then roofing it. This will dramatically improve the earthquake resistance.

Also, the corrosion resistance of titanium is nearly perfect in the natural environment, it also has the photocatalytic action of the titanium oxide film on the surface, it will become beautiful forever maintenance free roof. Also, it is a great merit that it is light and strong in large buildings and high-rise buildings.

In such buildings, the earthquake resistance is very important, and maintenance at high places involves extreme danger. Titanium brings significant benefits to building and maintaining the building that it has built.

Titanium is also used for the opening and closing roof of the Fukuoka dome. I do not know the specific amount, but maintenance costs should be down considerably. In fact, titanium is cheap for long life.

To you who thought that I would like to make it with titanium

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