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We will provide products suitable for each person tackling sports.

Sports adapter

Natori Manufacturing will produce a sports adapter that gets medals at the Olympic Games. We will support all the players who want to record better time and record.

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About sports adapter (sports prosthesis connecting parts)

For para athlete, prosthesis is part of an important body connected directly to record. There will be a big difference in time if it is not a prosthetic limb for each person.

Prostheses are made up of sockets, connectors, suction valves, knee joints, sports adapters, leaf springs (blades), spikes and many other parts.

Sports adapter (connecting parts for sports prostheses) is a delicate part that connects parts and parts with plate parts that connect leaf springs (blades) and knee joints.

(The sports adapter of Natori Seisakusho, published in the magazine Tarzan No. 674)

If any part is very uncomfortable, it is the world of para athlete that affects time.

Importance of sports adapter

Since leaf springs are attached and detached by competition, the precision of the sports adapter is tried so as not to feel uncomfortable when attaching the leaf springs corresponding to each. The part called sprint etc. is changed, and it is necessary to adjust prosthetic foot according to it.

Sprint, Yamamoto Atsushi player version of the long jump.
The sports adapter listed in Tarzan is our product.
Prosthetic foot Clamping of prosthesis parts

When I made a sports adapter for sports prosthesis of Atsushi Yamamoto, I made it with aluminum. Many technologies are incorporated to enable precise adjustment of the knee joint connection.

Natori Manufacturing will do its best to help para athlete rewrite the record

Prosthesis of Fujita, who won a bronze medal at the London Olympics
Prosthetic foot

It is the clamp of the prosthesis Clamping of prosthesis parts

Natori Manufacturing Co., Ltd. manufactures not only sports prostheses but also equipment used for amp tea football.

To our company, we have lots of experience and experience, technology and human resources for many years to make shapes with light and hard materials.

However, sports prosthesis is still a bad industry and there is no established methodology. It is something that matches the physical of each player, and there are parts that are delicate and mental.

At the end, it will be sensory evaluation of the athlete who got it attached.

There are many difficult parts in the developing sports prosthesis industry, but we are very pleased to hear from our players that we will issue records and reduce daily adjustments.

If our sports adapter is available, the players will win, we will try to say so.

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